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Sony’s Xperia Ear Duo “Open-Ear” Stereo Earphones to be Released for Sale in Spring 2018

At this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Sony announced that it would be rolling out its Xperia Ear Duo in Spring 2018. The concept is said to “reimagine the wireless headset” and features what the company calls “Dual Listening technology”, allowing the user to listen to music and receive notifications, while still being able to hear environmental sound and conversations.


“Xperia Ear Duo represents what we’ve learned from audio and acoustics research. Ear Duo is the first wireless headset to deliver a breakthrough Dual Listening experience – the ability to hear music and notifications simultaneously with sounds from the world around you.” –Hiroshi Ito, Deputy Head of Smart Product Business Group at Sony Mobile Communications.


Hearable with Smart Assistance When Needed


xperia ear duo hearableThe company says it’s ultra-low power consuming “CXD5602” chip, along with a sophisticated multi-sensor platform, the Daily Assist feature will recognize the time, location and activities to offer relevant information throughout the day – offering you meeting reminders when you arrive at your office or even narrating the latest news headlines.

The Xperia Ear Duo offers built in voice control, providing the user with access to Siri or Google Assistant. Quad microphone beam-forming allows the devices to isolate the sound of your voice and filtering out external noise. When connected to a smartphone–through the use of advanced sensors–the devices allow you to answer or decline incoming calls by shaking or nodding your head. Music and volume can be controlled by simply tapping and scrolling on the units.


Xperia Ear Duo


Made from stainless steel and soft rubber, the Xperia Ear Duo’s design is particularly unique in how it sits under the ear rather than on top of the ear to “avoid interference with glasses or accessories”. The company says that the devices can last up to four hours of listening on a single charge, and includes a compact case that doubles as a charger. The carrying case offers a “fast charging feature” that can provide one hour of listening after only seven minutes of charging.

Xperia Ear Duo will be initially available black and gold styles – a companion application will be available for free download at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. According to one report, the new devices will retail for $280/pair and available for purchase in May.



Source: Sony

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