alterego hears thoughts

MIT’s Fascinating AlterEgo Device Can “Hear” Your Thoughts

Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab have developed a computer interface device that can transcribe words that the user verbalizes internally but does not actually speak aloud. As Daniel Van Boom from CNET describes it, “When you think a sentence in your head, your brain sends signals to your mouth and jaw.…

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xperia ear duo hearable earbud

Sony’s Xperia Ear Duo “Open-Ear” Stereo Earphones to be Released for Sale in Spring 2018

At this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Sony announced that it would be rolling out its Xperia Ear Duo in Spring 2018. The concept is said to “reimagine the wireless headset” and features what the company calls “Dual Listening technology”, allowing the user to listen to music and receive notifications, while still being able…

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jabra elite active 65t

Jabra Expands Family of Wireless Earbuds with Improved Battery Life and Voice Assistant Capability

For 2018, Jabra has unveiled the latest expansion of its popular line of hearable devices. The third generation devices, the Elite Active 65t and Elite 65t, include compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, as well as Apple’s Siri on iOS devices, and Google Assistant for Android devices. The Elite 65t is designed for daily use,…

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eargo max hearing aid available

Eargo Unveils Eargo Max Hearing Aid

Silicon Valley-based hearing aid maker, Eargo, announced an all-new hearing device: Eargo Max. The company, which recently received a $45 million dollar investment, has been manufacturing and selling rechargeable, direct-to-consumer hearing devices since 2015. The new Eargo Max is reported to be designed with an all-new chip set and operating system, for improved sound quality…

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qualcomm hearable chip battery life

Qualcomm’s Next Generation Chip Technology Could Significantly Improve Battery Life for Wireless Headphones and Hearables

At this year’s CES convention in Las Vegas, Qualcomm Technologies announced a new low-power chip that the company says could drastically reduce power consumption for high tech wireless earbuds and hearables, allowing for much longer battery life. The new chip, QCC5100, is engineered to reduce power consumption by as much as 65 percent for voice…

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google pixel buds hearable wireless

Google’s Answer to Apple AirPods: Pixel Buds

As part of the announcement last week of the next generation Pixel smartphones, Google unveiled its all-new wireless earbuds: Pixel Buds. Like Apple, and other smartphone makers, Google has moved to do away with the traditional headphone jack and is now looking to cash in on the wireless headphone market. Priced at $159 for a…

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