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Alan is the director of the new Balance Disorders Program at Wake Forest Baptist Health Center, and holds an adjunct assistant professor faculty position at the Wake Forest School of Medicine. He is the author of two textbooks, several book chapters, and two educational booklets for primary care physicians, all related to dizziness and vertigo. He is a co-author of the Clinical Practice Guideline for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, and represents the American Academy of Audiology at the American Medical Association. He is the founder/ former director of  Blue Ridge Hearing and Balance Clinic in Bluefield and Princeton, WV where he practiced for 32 years. In 2015, he received the Presidents Award from the American Academy of Audiology

The science of vestibular diagnosis and treatment is fairly specific and has been proven effective from both a cost and clinical point of view, but very few fully equipped balance clinics exist. Many simple and effective diagnostic and treatment techniques are rarely used. Why is that? We will address these and many other related subjects in this blog.  We will have input from the best in the balance business.  Ask a question, comment on a post, agree, disagree, but we hope that you will enjoy and participate as you see fit.

Dr. Desmond currently resides in North Carolina with his family. His professional interests are centered around helping primary care and emergency room physicians effectively manage dizzy patients at the entry level. On the home front, a well stocked kitchen, a good bottle of red wine and some good friends and family to share it with are all he needs.

Published  Articles

When is a chair not a chair? Audiology Today. American Academy of Audiology. May 2011. Vol. 23 # 3 (pp 66-67).


Vestibular Function: Clinical and Practice Management. Available at Amazon.