The Spoken Language vs ASL Debate is Back post, originally published 6/14/2016,  got lots of discussion. It just seems to go on and on. Go back and read it – or not. Maybe we don’t need to think about this during the holiday season. Not a good time to fight with each other.

Let’s have a New Year’s Resolution directed at the goal of providing children with hearing loss with the best possible opportunities to be whomever they want to be. To me that means they need to be able to communicate with whomever they want to communicate with, to be literate, to have skills they need to have to be successful in 2020 and 2040.

A lot of those people who are pushing for sign language grew up in a time when technology provided much less auditory access to enable them to learn spoken language. The technology that we have now is so different that children have the opportunity to hear and use hearing to learn in a way that was not possible 20 years ago. Please let’s not ignore this. It is critical. As I have said before, if there ever was a good time to be deaf, this is it. It’s not the same old deafness. Please also take a look at a really old blog published in 2012.

And have a very happy holiday season. And let’s celebrate all children with hearing loss and their families.


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  1. I am speaking to the hearing families who have children with hearing loss or deafness. Today with the excellent hearing aids and cochlear implants every effort should be made as early as possible to have your children grow up in the hearing world. I have seen those children who grew up in the Deaf World having difficulty to acclimate themselves at age 20 or older to the hearing world regarding their ability to speak and listen.

  2. vishal shah says:

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  3. vishal shah says:

    Nice Post it helped me a lot, thanks for sharing much appreciated for your time and effort