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US Hearing Device Patents for November-December 2017

HHTM welcomes back Dr. Holly Hosford-Dunn to Hearing Economics this week to bring readers the latest update in her popular patent series that has been tracking patent activity in the hearing industry since 2012   The patent series took a 6 month vacation and resumes today with 73 patents which were awarded in the fourth…

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US Hearing Device Patents for October 2017

The Hearable Lament:   Hearing Economics looks forward to this time next year when we get to see the 2017 Hearables Hot Potato finalists.  Of course they’ll be tinier and cuter, but we hope they’ll also be multitalented, highly articulate, and dedicated to assisting everyone with ears, even people with hearing loss who want to listen…

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US Hearing Device Patents for September 2017

Hearing aid patents continue to offer excitement, especially for audiophiles in pursuit of “natural” sound. The simple act of sticking something in the ear, whether occluding or not, has measurable effects at the ear drum. Patent #9769575 looks at those effects with the intent of correcting distortions of magnitude and phase (Fig 1). Magnitude effects…

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US Hearing Device Patents for August 2017

When it comes to imagining hearing devices in the patent world, the range is broad, both in terms of goals and body regions. It’s a Simple Ear-Thing    “Simplified Hearing Aid” is the title of USPTO patent #9,724,241 by Japanese inventor/owner Ogura.  The device (see feature image), which hearkens back to ear trumpets and the…

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US Hearing Device Patents for June and July 2017

Sound has been used throughout history as a way of exerting power and control. (Lawrence English, 2016) The age of Personal Sound devices comes with a variety of names: PSAPs, OTCs, hearing aids, Hearables. Regardless of the name, manufacturer, or means of distribution, the core goal of such devices is to “aid” and improve communication,…

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