family centered care audiology phonak

Phonak Announces Launch of Accredited Family-Centered Care Program

Phonak announced the launch of a newly accredited eLearning program for hearing professionals this week on Family-Centered Care (FCC). The FCC approach to hearing healthcare is one that recognizes the essential role the family plays in the overall treatment process. Research has suggested that having a family member in the room results in improved consumer…

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ida institute workshop

Hearing Professionals and People With Hearing Loss Brought Together for Ida Institute Workshop

NAERUM, DENMARK — A workshop was recently held by the Ida Institute in Denmark, that brought together people with hearing loss, hearing care professionals, and the representatives of patient organizations. The purpose behind the workshop, entitled “Partners in Hearing: Learning Together”, was to develop new ideas and concepts that can support people with hearing loss…

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maine lepage veto hearing aid bill

Maine’s Governor Vetoes Bipartisan Hearing Aid Bill

AUGUSTA, MAINE — Last year, a state legislator in Maine proposed a bill the state require insurance plans to cover hearing aids for people of all ages. The legislation, proposed by Representative Jim Handy, a Democrat from Lewiston, directs insurance plans to provide coverage for at least $3,000 per hearing aid to individuals that need…

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kipa pediatric audiology

Oticon Launches New Website to Promote Knowledge and Implementation in Pediatric Audiology

SOMERSET, NEW JERSEY – Oticon announced that it is launching a new website to expand access to the resources of the Knowledge and Implementation in Pediatric Audiology (KIPA) group: The KIPA group, which is developed and financially supported by Oticon A/S, “brings together pediatric audiology researchers, clinicians and members of the industry to discuss,…

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New UK Report Provides Comprehensive Clinical Guidelines for Adults Suspected of Hearing Loss

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), a multi-disciplinary committee associated with the United Kingdom’s National Healthcare System, provides evidence-based guidance and advice to improve health care. A primary goal of NICE is to provide all stakeholders, including clinicians and the public with guidance on high quality, cost-effective care options. Last week, NICE…

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audnet expo

AUDNET Hearing Group Members Attend First Annual “Collaborative Empowerment Expo”

HOPKINS, MINNESOTA — Nearly seventy AUDNET Hearing Group Members, partners and supporters, made the trek to Bloomington, Minnesota and the Radisson Blu Mall of America this past June 14 and 15 for AUDNET Hearing Group’s (AHG) first annual “Collaborative Empowerment Expo”. Building Professional Care Value in Today’s Diverse Marketplace was the theme for the Expo.…

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child headphones hearing loss risk

Kids That Use Portable Music Players More Than Twice as Likely to Have Hearing Loss

According to a newly published study in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, children who listen to music through headphones may be at significantly greater risk of noise-related hearing loss. Dutch researchers examined hearing test results from over 3,000 children, between the ages of 9 to 11. They also asked parents to report on hearing complaints…

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decibel hearing loss drug financing

Decibel Therapeutics Snags $55 Million Series C Financing for Hearing Drug Development

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS — Biotech startup, Decibel Therapeutics, announced that it has raised $55M in a Series C financing round. According to the announcement, all the existing investors–Third rock Ventures, GV, SR One and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals–participated in the financing round and were joined alongside new investors: Foresite Capital, Bessemer Trust, Schroder Adveq, SCubed Capital, Longevity, and…

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shoebox version 5.0

Clearwater Clinical Announces Updated Shoebox Audiometry, Version 5.0

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Clearwater Clinical announced today that it has released version 5.0 of its flagship product, SHOEBOX Audiometry. According to the announcement, Version 5.0 adds a new feature known as Response and Response and Environment Adaptive Control Technology (REACT). The new REACT feature is said to continuously monitor patient response behavior, in addition to…

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