decibel hearing loss drug financing

Decibel Therapeutics Snags $55 Million Series C Financing for Hearing Drug Development

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS — Biotech startup, Decibel Therapeutics, announced that it has raised $55M in a Series C financing round. According to the announcement, all the existing investors–Third rock Ventures, GV, SR One and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals–participated in the financing round and were joined alongside new investors: Foresite Capital, Bessemer Trust, Schroder Adveq, SCubed Capital, Longevity, and…

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HHTM Hearing News Round-up: This Week’s Notable Stories

With so much news happening to report on, this week we bring you a synopsis of timely news items that may be of interest:   Age-related Hearing Loss Continues to be a Huge Burden   An online report from The US Burden of Disease Collaborators, recently published by JAMA, indicated age-related hearing loss continues to…

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brain plasticity hearing loss

Study Shows Evidence of Cortical Plasticity in Adults with Mild-Moderate Hearing Loss

Cross-modal reorganization of the cortex, a phenomenon in which the brain reorganizes itself, has been shown in profoundly deaf individuals. A recent study, conducted by Garrett Cardon and Anu Sharma of the University of Colorado, investigated cross-modal reorganization between the auditory and somatosensory modalities in older adults with normal hearing and mild-moderate age-related hearing loss…

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hearing loss military frequency therapeutics

Frequency Therapeutics Receives $2M Grant to Investigate Hearing Restoration for US Military

Biotech startup, Frequency Therapeutics, announced today that it has received a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Hearing and Balance Research Award grant. The $2 million dollar, peer-reviewed grant will be used to investigate the company’s unique Progenitor Cell Activation (PCA) approach to hearing restoration for military personnel with service-related hearing loss. Prevention of hearing loss…

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diet risk hearing loss women

Study: Healthy Diet May Reduce Risk of Hearing Loss in Women by 30 Percent

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS — A new study by researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital found that eating a healthy diet is associated with a lower risk of acquired hearing loss in women. While previous studies had examined how specific types of nutrients may impact hearing loss risk, the relationship of overall diet and risk of developing…

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hearing loss child bullying

Children with Hearing Loss Experience More Bullying: Study

DALLAS, TEXAS — A new study from researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) indicates that children and adolescents with hearing loss experience higher rates of peer victimization, or bullying, than children with normal hearing. The study, published in the journal Exceptional Children, showed the type of bullying experienced by children hearing loss…

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hearing loss repair research

USC Scientists Develop Method to Repair Damage to Cochlea

Recent research indicates hearing loss is expected to nearly double in 40 years. This figure includes individuals who suffer from the condition of “hidden hearing loss,” which is generally defined to be damage to the inner ear that leads to difficulty hearing soft voices in the presence of background noise, but an audiogram within the…

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sleeping and hearing loss

Study Shows Link between Hearing Loss and Longer Sleep Duration

A recent study suggests there may be a link between hearing loss and sleeping more than 8 hours per day. Using a questionnaire, researchers investigated the association between subclinical sensorineural hearing loss and self-reported restorative sleep. The study, published on March 27 in the open access BMC Journal, gathered data from 33,888 Japanese, aged 40–69…

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cuba sonic attack ultrasound distortion

Were Ultrasound and Intermodulation Distortion Part of Cuban Sonic Attacks?

Ultrasound emitters are all around us. Sensors in energy-efficient buildings, rodent repelling devices, burglar alarms, security cameras, HVAC system vibrations are some of the areas ultrasonic is used. Also, it might have been used, according to a University of Michigan scientist, in the sonic attacks in Cuba that sickened dozens of American and Canadians. Kevin…

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hearing loss metabolic syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome and Recovery Time from Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

According to guidelines used by the National Institutes of Health, metabolic syndrome is present if an individual has three or more of these traits or is taking medication to control them:   Large waist circumference — a waistline that measures at least 35 inches (89 centimeters) for women and 40 inches (102 centimeters) for men…

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