ida institute research grants

Ida Institute Announces Availability of Research Grants, Calls for Applications

NAERUM, DENMARK — The Ida Institute Research Committee announced that they are accepting proposals for research projects investigating outcomes of the use of Ida tools. Research grants will be awarded to projects that “develop evidence related to Ida Institute methods and tools and aim to demonstrate the effect of person-centered care in hearing rehabilitation.”  …

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hearing aid user manual

Rethinking the Hearing Aid User Guide to Improve Outcomes

Grit, guts, determination, fortitude, perseverance, tenacity. Those are a few of the words used to describe an individual’s ability to overcome obstacles and challenges in their life. No doubt, hearing care professionals, in their daily encounters with patients, are all-too familiar with these characteristics and how they affect treatment outcomes. Clinicians intuitively know that patients…

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hearing loss genetics

Israeli Researchers Get One Step Closer to Unraveling Cause of Human Deafness

As much as 98% of the human genome does not code for protein. RNAs contained in this non-coding part act as regulatory molecules and have a substantial impact on gene expression. One type of these RNA molecules, called long non-coding RNAs, has been linked to a wide range of diseases and inheritable conditions such as…

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hearing loss dementia cognitive decline

Meta-Analysis Indicates Hearing Loss is Modifiable Risk Factor for Cognitive Decline

Given the prevalence of hearing loss and cognitive decline in our aging population, establishing a link between these two conditions has been an area of staunch interest among researchers and clinicians for several years. In general, issues related to hearing loss has been garnering attention in the medical literate, as a December 2 editorial in…

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auris medical hearing loss drug failure

Auris Medical to Terminate Hearing Loss Drug Trial After Disappointing Results

ZUG, SWITZERLAND — Biopharmaceutical company Auris Medical Holdings announced today that it is terminating a late-stage study to treat sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) with its investigational drug, AM-111. The company had been evaluating the drug in two late-stage studies, Healos and Assent. The data from Healos study found that AM-111 was not statistically significant in…

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Using Laser Light to Restore Sound: Researchers Develop Optical Cochlear Implant

European engineers from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria have invented a new type of cochlear implant. Unlike traditional cochlear implants that stimulate auditory nerves with electrical fields, the prototype device uses laser pulses to trigger auditory signals from hair cells in the inner ear. The benefit, say the researchers, is a much more focused device that…

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vital signs heart earplug hearable

Researchers Develop Ear-Worn Device that Could Lead to Improved Monitoring of Vital Signs

LONDON, ENGLAND – Researchers at the Imperial College of London (ICL) have developed an ear-worn sensor to monitor heart, brain and lung function. Their latest study, published in the Royal Society Open Science journal, suggests the device has the potential as a heart monitor and “opens up a range of new possibilities in the identification and…

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hearing loss brain aging research umd

University of Maryland Receives $8 Million Federal Grant for Hearing Loss Research

COLLEGE PARK, MARYLAND — Researchers at the University of Maryland, using an $8 million grant from The National Institute on Aging, are collaborating to investigate hearing loss and brain function. The five-year grant will fund three such projects at the university, which researchers hope to begin as soon as possible. It is estimated that there…

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stem cells cochlear inner ear

Study Shows Potential Promise and Peril in Reversing Cochlear Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a serious global morbidity that affects 360 million people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. At a basic level, hearing loss of adult onset can be a source of social isolation and even depression for individuals coping with its ill-effects. Even more consequential, children with hearing loss are at risk of…

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