alterego hears thoughts

MIT’s Fascinating AlterEgo Device Can “Hear” Your Thoughts

Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab have developed a computer interface device that can transcribe words that the user verbalizes internally but does not actually speak aloud. As Daniel Van Boom from CNET describes it, “When you think a sentence in your head, your brain sends signals to your mouth and jaw.…

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How Hearing Aid Technology Has Evolved in Society, and Why — Part VII

Editor’s Note: Today’s post continues the discussion by Abigail Farmer and Bruno Sarda on the evolution of hearing aid technology.   Changing Hearing Aid User Demographics   In 2013, there were 44.7 million individuals over the age of sixty-five in the United States, or about 14% of the population.1 This age group is expected to grow…

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