hearing loss background noise

Hearing in Background Noise: Evaluation Performance with Speech In Noise Testing

Perhaps the largest area of difficulty for individuals with hearing loss is understanding speech in background noise.  However, your ability to understand speech with hearing aids in a noisy environment shouldn’t be a mystery. Audiologists have had a way to estimate your level of performance in these environments for years.   Evaluating Performance in Background…

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Best of 2017: The Johns Hopkins Study on Hearing and Cognition

This post, originally published on September 6, 2017. was the most read post in The Audiology Condition this year. Starting in 2010 Dr Frank Lin and colleagues commenced publishing results of studies of hearing loss and dementia, arriving at essentially the same conclusions using two paradigms and two different, large subject cohorts.  At the time,…

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If Jimmy Buffet Sings It, It’s Gotta Be True

A May 2016 post discussed the monologue strategy adopted by some people with hearing loss who choose not to purchase hearing aids, or not to use them even if they make the purchase.  Those people were characterized by their tendency to “speak loud and long, dominating conversations by turning a dialog into a monologue.” That post…

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