How to Talk to People with Hearing Loss (Illustrated Version)

Ask the person with hearing loss what you can do to  improve communication:  

“…perhaps if you stopped talking…”


   Ensure the light is on your face and not behind you: 

“Can you read my lips better now?”


Get the person’s attention before beginning to speak:

“Yo! Sally!”


Speak clearly and at a normal or slightly slower pace.  Do not shout or overemphasize your words, as this distorts speech and makes speechreading difficult:


Facial expressions should match your words, which is helpful when the listener cannot hear your tone of voice:

Gael Hannan @ Better Hearing Consumer
“No, I don’t like that dress and the color looks awful on you!”


Keep your head up, minimize head and body movement, don’t cover your mouth with hands or other objects:


Eliminate sources of background noise that may interfere with good communication:

Noise and hockey
The noise of the great outdoors



  The person with hearing loss using the latest technology  may ask for your cooperation:


“I said, I”m glad to see you’re not trying to hide your hearing loss!”

 Humor won’t correct our hearing loss, but it sure helps us live with it! 

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