coronavirus isolation hearing loss

What a HoH Can Do During Isolation

Editor’s Note: HoH is short for hard of hearing, but is increasingly understood to be a person with hearing loss who uses residual hearing, speech and technology to communicate.   So, fellow HoHs – what are you going to do today? Tomorrow? Every day, all day, until this global pandemic is a thing of the…

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tinnitus hearing loss social media

How Social Media Can Help Your Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

Yesterday, on a FaceBook group devoted to Tinnitus, I read a heartbreaking post: “My tinnitus is really really bad. I’m leaving this world.” My eyes immediately jumped to see how many comments were made in response and felt relieved. 147! I scanned through some of then: “Hang in there, bro!” “It will get better.” “Get…

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