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How Social Media Can Help Your Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

Yesterday, on a FaceBook group devoted to Tinnitus, I read a heartbreaking post: “My tinnitus is really really bad. I’m leaving this world.” My eyes immediately jumped to see how many comments were made in response and felt relieved. 147! I scanned through some of then: “Hang in there, bro!” “It will get better.” “Get…

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An Uneasy Truce with Tinnitus

We blame IT on our hearing loss. On stress. On overexposure to loud noise. On medications. On illness or disease. On the treatments for illness. On pregnancy. On getting older. On we-haven’t-got-a-clue! The IT is Tinnitus, or “T” as many sufferers call it, not wanting to legitimize it by giving it a name. There are…

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