Brainno Hearable

New BRAINNO Hearable Designed for Brain Training and Stress Management

The BRAINNO device is unlike any other hearable available on the market today. It does promise lifestyle and fitness benefits, as many other hearables do, but in a very different way–by not only measuring heart rate, but also your brainwaves. The device’s companion app displays and compares your activity and offers “scientifically curated” games, images and photos to help you “maintain optimal brain and fitness health”.

BRAINNO Science and Technology, through an indiegogo campaign, has currently exceeded its $25,000 goal and is offering the device to its early backers at $130 each — a $70 discount from the anticipated retail price of $200.


Research Behind BRAINNO


According to its creators, BRAINNO was developed after nearly a decade of experience developing brainwave technology and testing devices. From existing brainwave studies, along with the creators own primary frontal and temporal lobe research, the algorithm for BRAINNO was developed.


brainno brainwave measure eeg
BRAINNO Device, showing sensors for brainwave and heart rate monitoring


In addition to heart rate, BRAINNO is said to measure your brain’s Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma waves which all are also uniquely associated to a state of being (Concentration, Stress, Attention Span, Excitement, etc.).


Types of Brainwaves and Associated State

  • Delta wave (0.5-4Hz): reflects deep sleep, brain atony.
  • Theta wave (4-8 Hz): reflects drowsiness.
  • Alpha wave (8-12 Hz): reflects relaxation and rest state.
  • SMR wave (12-15 Hz): reflects attention status.
  • Mid beta (15-20Hz): concentration and activity state.
  • high-Beta (20-30Hz): tension, excitement, stress condition.
  • Gamma wave (30-50Hz):  information processing and learning status.




Real-Time Monitoring, Coaching and Gaming


BRAINNO Coach uses color, image, and music theory in conjunction with your heart rate and brainwave measurements to provide recommendations for stress relief and increased concentration. The app then captures your baseline responsiveness to images, colors, and music. Your real-time response is measured against an extensive database of fellow BRAINNO users.

The BRAINNO Coach displays your data in charts and diagrams allowing you to “stay on top of your well being.”


brainno app


Users of the BRAINNO can play a number of “brain relaxation” games to reduce stress and improve concentration.


According to the creators, each game was strategically applied to research and designed to stimulate particular bio signals to help exercise your brain health.


Want to learn more?


For more information, check out the company’s indiegogo campaign here.


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