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Oticon Adds Opn Custom Devices for VA, Expanding Choices for US Veterans

Oticon announced this week that its Opn Custom hearing aids are now available through the Veterans Affairs Administration, Department of Defense and other federal agencies. The company now adds five new custom styles, including the smallest hearing aid style Oticon has ever produced. 

All Oticon Opn devices use BrainHearing™ technology, in addition to fast and precise processing technology “to support the brain in making sense of sound and enable users to easily identify where sounds are coming from, even in challenging environments”.

“The comprehensive Oticon Opn family provides a single source for quality solutions that empower VA audiologists to increase patient success and satisfaction. Like all Opn hearing aids, Opn Custom hearing aids break through some of the biggest challenges faced by people with hearing loss: understanding speech in noise and handling multiple speakers.” –David Horowitz, Director, Oticon Government Services


Enhanced Custom Opn Hearing Aid Styles and Options


oticon opn iic style
The Opn IIC style is the smallest device Oticon has ever produced

The variety of Opn Custom styles, functionalities and features offer more choices for veterans. The company’s custom device lineup includes styles with 2.4 GHz low energy Bluetooth connectivity, which offers an array of wireless possibilities.

Miniaturized components enable more functionality in less space, allowing for more modeling freedom to support a better physical fit and a higher fit rate, according to the company.

The effect and availability of Opn Custom features varies with hearing aid style and prescription.


Oticon Adds VerifitLINK to Latest Fitting Software


Oticon is now able to provide the VerifitLINK built-in software interface to VA audiologists. Audiologists maintain full control with the option to fine-tune and verify to further personalize the fitting.

With a single click of a button, Genie 2 communicates with the new verifitLINK tool to measure, automatically adjust and verify for a more efficient and accurate fitting.

VerifitLINK’s quick verification also helps to free up valuable time for counseling and validation that can further help to reduce return visits.


For more information about the  Oticon Opn family of devices, including the new Custom lineup, visit the Oticon website


Source: Oticon

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