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SonicCloud Introduces Mobile Streaming

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — SonicCloud Mobile Streaming is the latest  innovation from SonicCloud, the San Francisco-based audio enhancement company whose mission is to make hearing technology truly accessible to the hundreds of millions of people who live with hearing loss.

Up until now, people with hearing loss have had a tough time listening to and understanding podcasts, radio stations, music, and more. Now, with the latest release of SonicCloud, the world of streaming content has finally opened up to include virtually every person with hearing loss who owns a smartphone.

This major new release empowers users to access streaming content such as podcasts, radio, and music, directly from their SonicCloud iOS app (coming on Android). Users are able to personalize the quality of the audio in real time and with great precision, right inside the SonicCloud app.

Here’s How it Works:

  1. Users simply tap the “Streaming” button at the top of the main app screen to access a range of streaming options, including BBC, NPR, and Classical Music.
  2. Once you have selected which offering you want to listen to, you can immediately press “Personalize Sound” to access SonicCloud’s intuitive and powerful user controls
  3. Users can then select their Hearing Profile, and perform easy-to-use, real time, self-tuning adjustments in order to zero in on the very best speech discrimination or music fidelity, based on their unique hearing ability.

SonicCloud’s algorithms “update your psychoacoustic parameters 1000 times a second, producing incredible sound definition”.

The result, says the company, is an effortless experience that allows the listener to get lost in the conversation of a podcast, or the overture of an orchestral performance, without straining to hear the sounds that are being conveyed.

SonicCloud’s proprietary algorithms and acoustic “meta-parameters” for speech enhancement and audio fidelity were designed by a team of scientists, audiologists, engineers and audio experts. 

Download the latest version of SonicCloud here to try Mobile Streaming for yourself.


Source: SonicCloud

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