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Wear & Hear Introduces BeHear ACCESS Personalized Hearing Amplifier

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK Wear & Hear®, a new brand of future-forward wearable audio devices from Israeli tech innovator Alango Technologies, is introducing the highly-anticipated  BeHear® ACCESS this year.

According to the company’s press release, BeHear ACCESS is a neck-loop type Bluetooth headset that also functions as a personalized hearing amplifier device for people with mild to moderate (and even severe) hearing loss, or for those that need enhanced hearing in specific situations. Using the dedicated free smartphone app, people can assess their own hearing and personalize the headset to suit their unique hearing profile.

The result: enhanced hearing in live conversations and during mobile calls, leading to better communication overall.


BeHear ACCESS Hearing Amplifier


People between the ages of 50 and 70 have a 1-in-3 chance of having hearing loss, yet less than 20% of those who could benefit opt to wear hearing aids. Untreated hearing loss decreases productivity, increases falling risk, and can lead to dementia and social isolation. Wear & Hear’s devices are designed to overcome the obstacles that prevent people from getting aid for their hearing.

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Large, tactile buttons on the device’s control boxes and a magnetized charging cradle makes the BeHear ACCESS especially suitable for people with dexterity issues. Two built-in telecoil receivers ensure best possible hearing in locales equipped with hearing loop technology, such as houses of worship, auditoriums, and service counters. 

The easy-to-use device enhances the listening experience for day-to-day activities, from live conversations to walks in nature, mobile phone calls to music streaming, TV watching to live concerts, etc. 

When it comes to music streaming, BeHear allows the user to stay connected to the environment while listening to music. With Wear & Hear’s ListenThrough sound enhancement technology, a smart algorithm that allows important sounds through to your ears, users will be able to listen to music and engage in their favorite activities while remaining alert to important ambient sounds.

BeHear also helps improve hearing comprehension. While talking on a mobile phone or listening to voicemail, Wear & Hear’s EasyListen technology slows down speech to improve intelligibility of “fast talkers”, foreign languages, and recorded messages.

With millions of communication products using Alango’s algorithms and software, Alango Technologies has accumulated almost two decades of practical experience developing digital sound processing technologies working in noisy, reverberant and otherwise unfriendly acoustic environments. Throughout this process, Alango’s team discovered that people have individual hearing preferences, find themselves in various types of sound environments, and use a wide variety of audio devices. Alango Technologies introduced the concept of customizable hearing devices to make it possible for everyone to hear personalized sound. 


Source: Alango Technologies


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