clementine home remote audiology kit

Clementine Home: Remote Audiology Solution for New Patients

The current pandemic has demonstrated for many clinics that online presence and remote audiology solutions are more important than ever before. Today, hearing professionals have increased access to technologies that allow them to provide remote hearing care to existing clients.

However, there is a need for remotely serving new clients as well. 

Clementine was the first to address this issue with a unique solution: Clementine Home. The Clementine Home kit consists of a box containing hearing assessment equipment that can be shipped to clients easily. While these clients may not be able to visit the clinics in person, they can now perform hearing assessments from their homes.

clementine home audiology test kit
Clementine Home: kit shown above with optional video otoscope.

 The user-friendly Clementine Home box can be shipped to people’s homes in order to retrieve the required information to help those clients.

“When the pandemic hit our industry, we knew that many people would become disconnected from hearing care services. These are people whom, due to the social isolation, are depending on their ears more than ever before. This problem could be solved,” said Vince van de Weijer, founder and managing director at Clementine. “Firstly, we wanted to help clinics to stay in touch with their communities online and via the phone, so we started offering our highly reliable and mobile-friendly web screening for free to clinics. Our web screening can easily be added to a clinicians’ website in only a few minutes time.”

“However, the actual challenge for clinics to remain financially healthy is their ability to service new clients remotely in this rapidly changing, surreal new world. Therefore, secondly, we’ve speeded up the launch of Clementine Home, a highly user-friendly and easy-to-ship box that allows clinics to conduct hearing assessments and video otoscopy remotely.”

–Vince van de Weijer, founder and managing director at Clementine

Clinics globally have already begun using Clementine Home to serve new clients remotely and continue their business.

Interested professionals can visit the company’s website for more information on the Clementine Home.


Source: Clementine

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