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Headset Manufacturers Can Now License Alango’s Hearing Enhancement Technology

HAIFA, ISRAEL — Alango Technologies, Ltd., a leading provider of voice and audio embedded DSP software announces that OEMs and ODMs will now be able to license the same technologies that power the company’s BeHear® Bluetooth assistive hearing headsets.

By offering self-fit hearing personalization in True Wireless Stereo and other designs, OEMs can “gain a competitive edge”.

In a recent report, the World Health Organization indicates that there are now 333 million people with untreated, disabling hearing loss. The number is growing due to high noise exposure and listening to excessively loud music for extended periods.

“People would be amenable to hearing help in a fashionable and affordable Bluetooth headset instead of a medical device. An efficient hearable with hearing self-test eliminates repeat visits to the audiologist. Not just a solution for voice, but a full-featured consumer audio device with leading-edge components, delivering full spectrum sound quality for both speech and music.”

Industry leaders have recognized the potential market value in health and wellness hearables. Apple’s addition of “Conversation Boost” to the AirPods Pro is an example of integrating hearing health into the consumer electronics realm.

Incidentally, StrategyAnalytics forecasts TWS earbuds sales to hit 1 billion pairs by 2024. Other companies are executing their own strategies to prepare for the hearing revolution: Sonova acquired Sennheiser’s consumer division; BOSE has released self-fit hearing aids; and GN has released hearing aids under the Jabra brand.


Hearing Enhancement Technology


Alango’s Hearing Enhancement Package (HEP) offers consumer-tested, field-proven personalized hearing amplification technology “to power the coming wave of hearable devices”.

The software suite grants users the ability to “easily custom fit and fine-tune the hearing amplification in minutes with a one-time, self-administered hearing assessment”. Once fitting is complete, all sounds are personalized according to the user’s hearing profile—including live sounds, streamed audio, and mobile phone calls.

Additional technologies for sound personalization can also be integrated, such as situational awareness, to pass important sounds through while listening to audio, and the ability to adjust the volume and spectrum of the audio depending on ambient noise conditions, automatically.

“Several years ago, I recognized the potential of bringing hearing enhancement to the masses in an affordable consumer electronics form-factor. The prospect of helping people in this huge underserved market led to the development of our hearing personalization technologies and the creation of BeHear, launched in 2018. The invaluable experience of developing successful proof-of-concept products has uniquely positioned us with the expertise to make these technologies available to consumer electronics companies interested in providing hearing enhancement and wellness solutions to their customers.”

–Dr. Alexander Goldin, founder, and CEO of Alango Technologies

Semiconductor manufacturers considering offering personalized hearing functionality to their customers are invited to partner with Alango. Likewise, Original Equipment Manufacturers interested in integrating HEP into their products are welcome to contact Alango for more information.


About Alango Technologies

Founded in 2002, Alango Technologies is a leading developer and licensor of advanced, front-end digital signal processing technologies for voice and audio applications. Alango technologies empower customers’ products to deliver consistent, high-end voice and audio experiences to the end user—even in real-world, high-noise environments. Alango software can be found in voice-controlled and IoT products, in-car infotainment systems, aftermarket hands-free car kits, navigation systems, mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, audio conferencing systems, intercoms, assistive listening devices, and security and military applications. Customers are supported every step of the way—from initial proof of concept through mass production and beyond.


Source: Alango Technologies

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