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Beltone Announces Partnership with Redux to Bring Professional Drying System to Patients Nationwide

GLENVIEW, ILLINOIS – Beltone, one of the nation’s leading hearing care retailers, announced that they will add the Redux professional drying system to participating Beltone locations across the country, helping patients to keep their hearing aids dry so those aids can function their best.  

“Moisture is the most common reason for hearing aid malfunction and frustration,” said Reuben Zielinski,  Redux’s President and Co-founder. “We’re proud to be a part of Beltone’s commitment to providing patients  with the best hearing care and hearing instrument care in the industry.”  

With the push of a button, the Redux system safely and completely removes moisture from hearing aids and hearables in just minutes while providing verification of water removed. Redux’s patented technology creates a vacuum to lower the evaporation point of water and then safely applies heat to remove moisture from both traditionally powered and rechargeable devices.  

“Beltone is committed to a patient-centric approach to better hearing. Our locations already offer one of  the most comprehensive hearing care programs nationwide. Partnering with Redux is a natural extension of that philosophy. Redux is a data-backed solution for  keeping aids performing their best so our customers can live their best.” 

–Ron Gleitman, Beltone VP of Operations

According to the company, hearing care professionals report immediate improved performance in 77% of all hearing aids treated with Redux. The in-office system is designed to save office staff time, reduce costly instrument returns, and improve the patient experience through proactive care. 


About Beltone 

Chicago-based Beltone is part of the GN Group. Beltone provides industry-leading products, services, and  support in approximately 1,500 offices across North America. Beltone remains the most trusted brand  among adults aged 50 and older. To make an appointment, visit


About GN 

The GN Group enables people to Hear More, Do More and Be More through its intelligent hearing, audio,  and video collaboration solutions. 150 years ago, GN was founded with a truly innovative and global  mindset. We honor that legacy with world-leading expertise in the human ear, sound and video processing,  wireless technology, miniaturization, and collaborations with leading technology partners. GN’s solutions  are marketed by the brands ReSound, Beltone, Interton, Jabra, BlueParrott and FalCom in 100 countries. 


About Redux 

Redux has over 40 issued U.S. and international patents and since 2013, it has used this patented drying  process to remove moisture from hearing devices and personal electronics. More than two million  customers have subscribed to Redux’s drying services in thousands of wireless communication retailers  and hearing healthcare offices across the globe. Visit for more information.  

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