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MDHearing Launches QuietTV, Wireless Television Headphones

quiettv tv amplifierMDHearing has announced the launch of QuietTV – wireless headphones to allow wearers to set the television to their preferred sound and comfort levels.

The new QuietTV headphones help address one of the most common issues reported by people with hearing loss: being able to clearly hear and understand the television, without impacting those around you.

Rechargeable Wireless TV Headphones with Voice Enhancement Technology

As televisions continue to get larger, with thinner screens, often the speakers are underpowered and lack clarity.

The new QuietTV Wireless Headphones utilize MDHearing’s latest technology to enhance speech and reduce background noise – enhancing the TV listening experience and making it easier to understand the dialogue.

quiettv headphones mdhearingSimple and easy to use volume and tone controls on the headphones allow users to quickly personalize the sound to just how they want to hear. The comfortable QuietTV tips conform to the shape of your ear, making it comfortable for extended periods of use.

QuietTV headphones also include a feature that automatically lowers any jarring spikes in volume—no more being startled by loud commercials.


How Do the QuietTV Headphones Work?

QuietTV Wireless Headphones are said to be compatible with 99% of TVs. The transmitter connects to your television, cable box, or satellite box with the accompanying cables (includes Optical, 3.5 to 3.5 Aux, and 3.5 to RCA audio cords).

Simply connect the transmitter and place it on a flat surface, put on the headset, and start enjoying personalized sound from your QuietTV Wireless Headphones.

Easy-to-use controls on the headphones for volume and tone let you customize the sound to your hearing — the TV can be turned down (or even muted completely) while you use your QuietTV Wireless Headphones.


Price and Availability


The new QuietTV headphones are now available for purchase on the MDHearing website. The company offers a 1 year warranty, lifetime support from audiologists and hearing aid specialists and a 45 day money-back guarantee.

The QuietTV is currently available at a promotional rate of $149 for a Single headset and $199 for a Pair. 

For more details visit the MDHearing website here.

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