MiniSpeech, an iOS app for deaf and hard of hearing people, goes into free public beta testing

MiniSpeech is a new iOS app designed for deaf and hard of hearing people. It uses voice recognition to provide live transcription of what people are saying, and allows the user to type words to show in large type to others.
The user can pre-configure common phrases, including ones that explain to others how to communicate with the user.
According to the developers, the app does not collect any personal information or any transcriptions, and the user has the option of using offline speech recognition to keep the audio entirely on-device.
MiniSpeech is currently in beta testing. People interested in the app can click or share the following link. You will be prompted to download TestFlight, an app from Apple that allows developers to distribute beta apps. Follow the instructions and click the link again after installing TestFlight to install MiniSpeech beta.
All features are free during the beta. You will not be charged when you select the in-app purchase options to unlock unlimited transcriptions. Please send any feedback to
Source: MiniSpeech

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