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Drying System Developer Redux and Widex Mexico Announce Agreement

FISHERS, INDIANARedux, the developer of professional drying and cleaning systems for personal  electronics, and Widex Mexico, a division of WS Audiology, one of the world’s leading hearing aid  manufacturers have announced an agreement today. The agreement reinforces Widex’s commitment to improving the hearing aid experience for their patients and practices. 

With the push of a button, the Redux system safely and completely removes moisture from hearing  aids, implants and hearables in just minutes while providing verification of water removed. Redux’s patented technology creates a vacuum to lower the evaporation point of water and then applies heat to  remove moisture from both traditionally powered and rechargeable devices. An internal humidity sensor allows the hardware to wirelessly report the amount of moisture removed in real-time.  

Redux is proactively improving the condition for 98% of all aids treated, with hearing care professionals  reporting immediate improved performance in 77% of all aids treated. The in-office system is designed  to be a revenue-generating opportunity for practices by improving hearing instrument function, saving valuable office staff-time and reducing instrument returns. 

“We know hearing aids get wet, it’s likely the most common reason for malfunction and frustration with  aids. Hearing instruments have evolved tremendously in recent years, Redux is ensuring instrument care does too. Widex is an industry leader, providing premium products and service. We’re proud to be a part of that by ensuring those aids stay dry and maintain peak performance”

–Reuben Zielinski,  Redux President and Co-Founder.  

“Water is everywhere. Here in Mexico, moisture is always present in land, sea and air. Redux enables  our team to ensure that is no longer an issue for Widex users. We’re committed on giving the best  service to our customer, and Redux helps us to do just that” noted Ulises Merino, General Manager at  Widex Mexico. “We look forward to bringing the Redux solution to our hearing care professionals across the country,” 


About Widex 

Widex, the family business founded in Denmark in 1956. Today it is one of the world’s leading hearing  aid manufacturers. Widex hearing aids are sold in more than 100 countries around the world and the  company employs a global workforce of more than 3,800. We develop digital technologies with a  quality that few can match, which has allowed us to forge our reputation as one of the most innovative manufacturers in the industry. Our tireless drive to innovate has led to breakthroughs as important as the first digital intracanal hearing aid. Our mission is to offer easy-to-use hearing solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into everyday life and provide natural hearing. 

Widex, la empresa familiar fundada en Dinamarca en 1956. Es en la actualidad uno de los principales  fabricantes de audífonos del mundo. Los audífonos Widex se venden en más de 100 países de todo el mundo y la empresa cuenta con una plantilla global de más de 3.800 empleados. Desarrollamos  tecnologías digitales con una calidad que muy pocos pueden igualar, lo que nos ha permitido fraguar  nuestra reputación como uno de los fabricantes más innovadores del sector. Nuestro incansable afán  por innovar ha conducido a avances tan importantes como el primer audífono intracanal digital.  Nuestra misión es ofrecer soluciones auditivas de fácil uso, que puedan integrarse perfectamente en el  día a día y que proporcionen una audición natural. 


About Redux 

Redux has over 40 issued U.S. and international patents and uses this patented drying process to  remove moisture from hearing instruments and personal electronics. Since 2013, Redux has been  saving phones, tablets, hearing aids and hearables. More than two-million customers have subscribed to Redux’s drying services in thousands of wireless communication retailers and hearing care  professional offices across the globe. Redux is a faster, dryer, smarter and verified approach to proactive moisture removal and cleaning that allows your devices to function their best so you can  function your best. Visit to learn more.  

Redux tiene más de 40 patentes estadounidenses e internacionales emitidas y utiliza este proceso de  secado patentado para eliminar la humedad de los instrumentos auditivos y los dispositivos  electrónicos personales. Desde 2013, Redux ha estado guardando teléfonos, tabletas, audífonos y  dispositivos de audio. Más de dos millones de clientes se han suscrito a los servicios de secado de  Redux en miles de minoristas de comunicaciones inalámbricas y oficinas de profesionales de la  audición en todo el mundo. Los equipo Redux ofrecen un enfoque más rápido, más seco, más  inteligente y verificado para la eliminación y limpieza proactiva de la humedad que permite que sus  dispositivos funcionen al máximo para que pueda funcionar al máximo. Visítelos en para obtener más información. 

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