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Tinnibot: A New Digital Tool to Support Tinnitus Sufferers

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Sydney-based startup Hearing Power has been developing the app Tinnibot in response to their frustration in seeing so many people suffering from tinnitus.

Tinnitus is a condition that is far more common than people believe. It presents both physical and psychological challenges and can be incredibly distressing particularly at the onset. People with this condition face many barriers to achieving adequate help in managing their tinnitus due to lack of resources, long waiting lists in the healthcare system and incredible costs of private therapy. 

Tinnibot was developed to offer a solution to these issues by providing affordable support available to everyone, anywhere and at any time. The app is designed as a conversational agent who asks you daily questions related to emotional and physical well-being. Tinnibot aims  to provide a solution to people at the beginning of their journey to guide them in finding peace with their condition. 

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Tinnibot: “Like Having a Tinnitus Expert in Your Pocket”


As a one-stop-shop app, it has everything that you need to learn how to cope with and manage your tinnitus. Tinnibot provides a range of therapies from tinnitus specific guided meditation to reduce stress and anxiety, to exercises based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help reframe challenging thoughts.

Co-founders Dr. Fabrice Bardy, who is an audiologist and neuroscientist, and Dr. Matthieu Recugnat, an engineer and hearing researcher, believe that if you are affected by tinnitus you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence.

Their years of research, experience and collaboration with experts in the field of tinnitus, psychology, audiology and digital therapeutics have led them to start developing Tinnibot, your tinnitus companion in the journey toward taking control of your tinnitus.



Tinnibot is a chatbot that helps users manage their tinnitus. Co-founders Dr Fabrice Bardy and Dr Matthieu Recugnat along with the team at Hearing Power are working on Tinnibot’s artificial intelligence-based capabilities to provide tinnitus care to everyone, sooner, cheaper, and more efficiently. More information available at www.hearingpower.co

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