Online Hearing Aid Accessories Retailer Launches App

Online retailer Hearing Aid Accessories has announced the launch of their “one-of-a-kind app” which is said to be the first retail app in which to purchase hearing aid accessories.

Designed specifically for those who have, or are at risk from hearing loss, the app is essentially a comprehensive repository of products and information alike with everything one might need to upkeep hearing health.

Whether it’s a set of batteries or domes required for hearing aid maintenance, bespoke hearing protection designed for musicians or industry workers, or a brand-specific microphone, the app has users covered.


Hearing Aid Accessories


It is the brainchild of CEO Samantha Bennett, an audiologist who has spent more than two decades advising and assisting patients in need of hearing healthcare. Hearing loss is a condition that resonates closely with Sam, given that her husband Ben served in the Armed Forces, and has had hearing loss for almost thirty years as a result.

When asked what inspired her to develop the app, she commented that “it was powered by seeing the adversities faced by the hard of hearing during the pandemic. Hearing clinics and shops were closed, and this really highlighted the need to buy hearing aid accessories online but unlike consumers of other services, hearing aid users were restricted to websites to make their orders”, Sam said. “There was an evident gap in the market: hearing aid accessories are a vital necessity for those with hearing loss, and yet there was no app in sight,” she continued.

Alongside the app, Hearing Aid Accessories has also spent the past year working on other enterprises, including the launch of its US website: Hearing Aid Accessory, which went live in March. As for the future of the app, they are continuously searching for new hearing technologies to sell and hope to implement consumer waiting lists and loyalty schemes as additional features.

The Hearing Aid Accessories app is available for download on both iOS and Android. The company is providing a 10% off the first app order using the code “haa10app”.

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