lively rechargeable hearing aids

Lively Launches Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Last week, direct to consumer hearing aid brand Lively began selling a new rechargeable hearing aid model. The company, which launched in January 2019, sells privately labeled ReSound hearing aids along with a remote (telehealth) care package. Users can take Lively’s online hearing assessment, meet with an audiologist face-to-face via video conference, and receive a…

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all clean uv-c audiology headphone cleaner

AllClean UV-C™: A New Standard for Clinical Headphone Care

While good hygiene practices have always been important in the office and clinic, the arrival of COVID-19 has amplified that need to a much greater extent. Since 1992, Ear Technology Corporation has been the market leader for hearing aid and cochlear implant dryers, many of which utilize UV-C light for sanitization. Building on that history,…

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