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New Qualcomm Chip Offers Improved Reliability and Affordability for Hearing Device Manufacturers

At this year’s CES convention in Las Vegas, Qualcomm Technologies announced a new low-power chip offering drastically reduce power consumption for high tech wireless earbuds and hearables. The new chip, QCC5100, was engineered to reduce power consumption by as much as 65 percent for voice calls and streaming. However, late last week, Qualcomm announced the…

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hearing aid artificial intelligence

Why Artificial Intelligence is Coming to a Hearing Aid (and Audiology Practice) Near You, Part 2

Five-Year Outlook in the Hearing Aid Industry   What will the next five years look like in the hearing aid industry, and how does artificial intelligence (AI) fit into the future of hearing care? There are several factors that will influence the hearing aid industry over the next five years to drive hearing aid prices…

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hearing aids machine learning ai

Why Artificial Intelligence is Coming to a Hearing Aid (and Audiology Practice) Near You

by Dr. Chris Heddon, Resonance Medical Since the early 2010’s, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have been grabbing headlines in the popular media—this has not been just hype. There has been tangible value creation in terms of market capitalization, user adoption, and our understanding of machine intelligence by companies like Google, Amazon, and…

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vanish hearing aid oticon

Oticon Korea Enters Agreement to Become Exclusive Distributor of Vanish for Korea

Vanish International announced this week that it has entered into agreement with Oticon Korea to become the exclusive distributor of Vanish–an aftermarket dying product that offers BTE and RIC hearing aid users the option to better match their hearing aids to their skin color–for the nation of South Korea. Oticon, as the sole distributor of…

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