cochlear soundarc baha

Cochlear Announces Release of Baha SoundArc in US and Canada

Hearing implant maker, Cochlear Ltd, announced last week the commercial availability of the new Baha SoundArc in the United States and Canada. The new device is a non-surgical bone conduction wearing option for children with conductive or mixed hearing loss, or single-sided deafness (SSD), who are not yet eligible or ready for an implant. The…

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linx bone conduction helmet

Helmet Offers Cyclists Audio Streaming and Environmental Awareness, Using Bone Conduction

For cyclists that ride on city streets, having constant environmental awareness while riding in traffic is essential for safety. Wearing earbuds to listen to music or take phone calls can be a safety hazard, due to the inability to potentially hear what is happening in the environment. Coros, a company based in the Seattle area,…

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