eargo 6 hearing aids

Eargo Launches Eargo 6 Hearing Aids at CES 2022

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Eargo, Inc. (Nasdaq: EAR) today launched Eargo 6, its sixth-generation FDA Class II exempt hearing aid and “most powerful device yet”, at CES 2022. Eargo 6’s new Sound Adjust technology “is an example of better hearing, made effortless. Its proprietary algorithm identifies the user’s surroundings and instantly modifies the hearing device’s settings to…

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best buy hearing aids hearables

Best Buy Online Store Adds New Hearing Solutions Category

Best Buy, one of the largest retailers of consumer electronics in the United States, has added a new ‘Hearing Solutions’ category to the company’s online store. The Hearing Solutions section offers visitors an online digits-in-noise hearing assessment, developed by hearX Group, and provides recommendations based upon the individual’s level of hearing loss. “By making the…

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eargo neo hifi hearing aids

Eargo Launches Neo HiFi Hearing Aids

Eargo has announced the launch of Eargo Neo HiFi (Neo HiFi) hearing aids, the company’s fourth generation hearing device. With a variety of new features, the Neo HiFi is said to offer increased personalization via the new Eargo mobile app. Designed for adults with mild-to-severe, high-frequency hearing loss, the product’s new features include increased bandwidth,…

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Eargo Unveils Eargo Neo Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Eargo, the Silicon Valley-based hearing aid maker, announced an all-new hearing device this week: Eargo Neo. The company, which last year received a $45 million dollar investment for “product innovation, market expansion and branding”, has been manufacturing and selling rechargeable, direct-to-consumer hearing devices since 2015. The Neo now represents the 3rd generation of hearing devices produced by the company.…

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eargo max hearing aid available

Eargo Unveils Eargo Max Hearing Aid

Silicon Valley-based hearing aid maker, Eargo, announced an all-new hearing device: Eargo Max. The company, which recently received a $45 million dollar investment, has been manufacturing and selling rechargeable, direct-to-consumer hearing devices since 2015. The new Eargo Max is reported to be designed with an all-new chip set and operating system, for improved sound quality…

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