sony wf-1000x hearable earbuds

Sony Launches Company’s First Truly Wireless Earbuds: WF-1000X

At this year’s European consumer electronics show (IFA) in Berlin, Sony unveiled its first truly wireless earbuds: the WF-1000X. Sony will now officially join an increasingly competitive hearable segment that continues to be dominated by Apple. Sony’s new devices offer many of the same features of its competitors, such as the ability to adjust playback…

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jabra elite sport earphones upgraded

Jabra Releases Newly Upgraded Version of its Elite Sport Hearable

Headset maker Jabra, a subsidiary company of the GN Group, announced a newly-upgraded version of its Elite Sport hearable device. The upgraded version gets a 50 percent increase in battery life, taking it to a more competitive 4.5 hours, which puts it more on par with major competitor’s like Bragi, Apple and Samsung. Like the original…

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direct to consumer hearing aids

New Study Reviews Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Devices for Adults

Researchers from India, Sweden and the United States recently carried out a systematic literature review to investigate applications of direct-to-consumer hearing devices for adults with hearing loss, and came to some interesting conclusions. As part of consumer-driven changes in healthcare, the direct-to-consumer approach in hearing healthcare has become more popular. To perform a review in…

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Dash - Starkey

Bragi Unveils the Dash Pro and Custom-Fit “Tailored By Starkey” Option

The pioneering hearable company, Bragi, has unveiled its latest innovations this week. The company announced two new additions to its product line: Dash Pro and the Dash Pro Tailored by Starkey. The Dash Pro is said to be re-engineered to address issues encountered with the original Dash, along with updated OS3 software. According to the…

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Why “Good Audiology” is More Important than Ever, Part 2

Editor’s Note: For our regular readers, you will notice that our Hearing Health section has now become Hearing & Hearing Aid Technology. We have decided to expand this section to focus on technology and the latest innovations in the hearing industry. It is our hope that you visit here often to keep up to date…

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