hearing aid disruption

How Empathy, Compassion, and UX Can Increase Hearing Aid Uptake

Editor’s Note: It is my pleasure to introduce a new quarterly column to HHTM. It is one geared toward our younger readers – those newly minted audiologists and hearing instrument specialists with a fresh perspective that all our readers can appreciate. Young clinicians, graduate students and other millennials who have grown up with technology and…

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bose doppler lawsuit

Hearable Startup, Doppler Labs, Sues Bose Over Technology and Use of “Hearphones” Name

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS — As first reported in the Boston Business Journal last week, hearable startup Doppler Labs is suing Bose over alleged technology and trademark infringement. As part of the suit, the company claims that Bose took several meetings with the fledgling startup under the guise of forming a partnership, but then used that information…

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