Introducing the Electronic Tuning Fork – an Innovation to Detect Ear Blockage

Manual tuning forks have been used for hearing health care since Weber in the late 18th century discovered a process for identifying ear blockages often due to wax, fluid or other diseases of the ear. Summus Hearing  Solutions and TeTo Technologies are pleased to announce a major electronic upgrade for wide use by physicians, audiologists…

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easywatch slow tv speech alango

Alango Introduces EasyWatch™ Technology for Improved TV Listening Experience

EasyWatch is a new technology from Alango that personalizes the TV watching experience to enhance intelligibility of dialogue: the video is slowed to match the pace of the audio, maintaining synchronization of the audio and video streams. Alango EasyWatch technology has been developed to address a common complaint among television watchers: difficulty understanding speech in…

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jabra elite active 65t

Jabra Expands Family of Wireless Earbuds with Improved Battery Life and Voice Assistant Capability

For 2018, Jabra has unveiled the latest expansion of its popular line of hearable devices. The third generation devices, the Elite Active 65t and Elite 65t, include compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, as well as Apple’s Siri on iOS devices, and Google Assistant for Android devices. The Elite 65t is designed for daily use,…

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