noopl 2.0 usb audio hearing

Noopl Announces Launch of Upgraded USB Version to Enable Better Hearing in Noise

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — Over 62 million Americans have difficulty following conversations in environments with  background noise1. Tech startup Noopl addresses this problem with its acclaimed iPhone-compatible hearing device, which has just been upgraded to support USB audio. Noopl is the first MFi (Made for iPhone) accessory with directionality and AI-based noise reduction to facilitate conversation…

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noopl review

Improving Hearing in Noise: A Review of Noopl’s iPhone Hearing Enhancement Device

After unveiling its iPhone® hearing enhancement accessory at CES 2021 in January, California-based startup Noopl recently began sending out orders of its Noopl 1.0 device, which is intended to help people hear more clearly in background noise. The device, which retails for $199, clips onto the bottom of an iPhone and utilizes a three-mic array and…

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noopl iphone noise reduction

Noopl: New iPhone Accessory to Enhance Hearing in Noise

Noopl, unveiled at CES 2021 this week, is an iPhone® accessory that is designed to enhance hearing in noisy places so you “can connect better with those around you”. The device, which clips onto the bottom of the iPhone, utilizes a three-mic array and beam steering to help focus in on speech more clearly. By…

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