oticon medical mono procedure

Oticon Medical Introduces MONO Procedure: One-Step Drilling for Bone Anchored Implants

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — Oticon Medical has announced the launch of the innovative MONO procedure that allows surgeons to  perform the complete osteotomy for bone anchored implants with just one drilling step.   The MONO procedure builds on the principles of the MIPS procedure. When this was launched in 2015, “it revolutionized treatment by giving surgeons the…

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ponto 4 hearing aid bone conduction

Oticon Medical Launches Ponto 4 Bone Anchored Sound Processor in US Market

SOMERSET, NEW JERSEY — Oticon Medical has launched the Ponto 4, a small and high-performing sound processor that it says marks a significant breakthrough in bone anchored hearing care in the US. According to the company’s press release, the new processor represents “a powerful combination of Oticon Medical’s expertise in bone conduction hearing with the…

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