samsung galaxy buds pro hearing loss

Study Finds Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Effective for People with Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss

Samsung Electronics has announced the findings of a new study published in Clinical and Experimental Otorhinolaryngology, a renowned scientific journal dedicated to ear, nose, and throat (ENT) research. The study indicated that Galaxy Buds Pro’s Ambient Sound feature is effective in helping those with mild to moderate hearing loss to better hear sounds in their…

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samsung galaxy buds hearables

Samsung Releases New Galaxy Buds to Rival Apple’s Popular AirPods

Aiming directly at Apple’s popular AirPods, Samsung has announced the upcoming release of Galaxy Buds, which the company dubs as the “ultimate cord-free earbuds for those who want a seamlessly connected experience on the go.” With some similarities to the company’s first attempt to take on the AirPods, with its IconX wireless earbuds, the company hopes…

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samsung s-ray portable speakers ces 2018

Samsung’s New S-Ray Directional Speakers Beam Sound to Your Ears Without Disturbing Others

At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Samsung will unveil a new speaker technology that can reportedly send sound to a single person without the need for earphones. Called S-Ray (Sound-Ray), the new portable directional speakers are said to “maintain the advantages of conventional directional speakers and/or earphones”. The new S-Ray technology is one of…

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samsung iconx 2018 hearable

Samsung Unveils Updated IconX Hearable

At this year’s European consumer electronics show (IFA) in Berlin, Samsung unveiled a newly updated version of its IconX hearable. The updated wireless earbuds are said to resolve many of the issues that have plagued the devices since they were first launched in the spring of 2016. While Samsung was the first major consumer electronics…

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sgnl samsung tiptalk hearable

Samsung-backed Tech Startup, Sgnl, Uses Bone Conduction Wristband to Offer Smartphone-Free Calling

Innomdle Lab was one of the first startups businesses to come out of Samsung’s Creative Lab. Its TipTalk device initially debuted at CES and received a lot of buzz in 2016. Now the company say it’s ready to publicly launch its product to the market this summer under the name Sgnl. The company’s fundraising campaign…

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