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E.A.R. Inc. Announces Partnership with AudioCardio

E.A.R. Inc. has announced a new partnership with hearing health startup, AudioCardio. AudioCardio is a mobile app that delivers sound therapies designed to “help maintain and strengthen your natural hearing ability”, based on the company’s Threshold Sound Conditioning (TSC) technology. The TSC technology is said to be backed by over 15 years of research and…

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Mark Cuban Backed Startup ‘ChatableApps’ Launches World’s First Universal Hearing Aid

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM — ChatableApps has today launched the world’s first universal hearing aid, using neuroscience-led artificial intelligence to enable those suffering from hearing loss to hear one-to-one conversations clearly, using an everyday smartphone and a standard pair of earbuds. Hearing loss affects 37.5 million adults in the U.S. and the World Health Organization (WHO)…

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Samsung-backed Tech Startup, Sgnl, Uses Bone Conduction Wristband to Offer Smartphone-Free Calling

Innomdle Lab was one of the first startups businesses to come out of Samsung’s Creative Lab. Its TipTalk device initially debuted at CES and received a lot of buzz in 2016. Now the company say it’s ready to publicly launch its product to the market this summer under the name Sgnl. The company’s fundraising campaign…

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With New Product Releases, Majority of Big Six Now Offering 2.4 GHz “Made for iPhone” Hearing Aids

After Sivantos announced the launch of their first “Made for iPhone” hearing aids, the Signia Pure 13BT devices, the company joined the ranks of other major hearing aid manufacturers offering 2.4GHz-enabled hearing aids. While most hearing aid manufacturers have developed their own proprietary wireless systems over the years, the 2.4GHz system that was first adopted and…

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