Happy Fourth of July !


Let’s take a short break from our series on treatments for Meniere’s disease and try and help out this young lady from Idaho. I assume she is better by now, but let’s see if anyone has a theory regarding her experience from last year’s celebration?

Fireworks and Vertigo?

We watched fireworks last night from our boat and the booms were echoing off the mountains. Beautiful and fun, but this morning I’m a little dizzy and feeling like my balance is off. No allergies and this is unusual for me. Maybe the explosions upset something in the inner ear?

Has this happened to anyone else. I hope it goes away soon.

Of course, no one can make a diagnosis from afar, but if you have a theory or suspicion, please comment below. I will be back next week with my thoughts on the subject.  A hint: We call it Independence Day. Who calls it Bastille day?

About Alan Desmond

Dr. Alan Desmond is the director of the Balance Disorders Program at Wake Forest Baptist Health Center, and holds an adjunct assistant professor faculty position at the Wake Forest School of Medicine. In 2015, he received the Presidents Award from the American Academy of Audiology.