Vestibular Surveys Are Coming – Really!

ACT NOW! You must register by 2/28/14
A few months ago, I posted a blog about impending surveys for the codes that make up the VNG exam. That survey was postponed at the last second to address some concerns about certain codes that are often billed incorrectly along with the VNG codes in question. That issue has now been resolved, so we are ready to go. I ask any and all of you who perform VNG exams to participate in the survey. It really is very important that we have a strong turnout from our colleagues. Below is the message from the American Academy of Audiology:

Vestibular Procedure Value Surveys—Your Input is Essential

The profession of audiology needs your help! The American Academy of Audiology (AAA) and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) will be surveying Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes related to vestibular testing this March to assess the audiologist’s “professional work” value for each procedure. Professional work value includes factors such as mental effort and judgment, technical skill, and psychological stress. Your participation in the survey process is essential to estimate the professional work and time necessary to perform vestibular testing.

This survey data will be submitted to a multi-specialty committee of the American Medical Association (AMA), which will provide a recommendation to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on a suggested professional work value for each of the procedure codes.

Note: You may have received a similar message late last year. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the surveys were delayed until March. If you responded in 2013, thank you! You will receive the surveys and do not need to volunteer again. If you are unsure if you responded and would like to participate, please fill out the form at the link below.

We are requesting that you commit your time to complete surveys related to vestibular testing. In order to participate, you will need to:
• Click on the survey link and provide your name and e-mail address by Friday, February 28, 2014. By completing the form, you are volunteering to participate in the survey process.
• Complete the survey(s) in March. The surveys will be sent from

Note: To participate, you should be familiar with vestibular testing procedures and perform them at least occasionally.

Please share this message and web links with your colleagues to enlist their help with these important surveys. We need as many participants as possible to ensure that the data are valid.

About Alan Desmond

Dr. Alan Desmond is the director of the Balance Disorders Program at Wake Forest Baptist Health Center, and holds an adjunct assistant professor faculty position at the Wake Forest School of Medicine. In 2015, he received the Presidents Award from the American Academy of Audiology.