Bogus Balance Billing Busted in Brooklyn

Last week I attended a meeting of the American Medical Association (AMA) where we were tasked with redefining and re-valuing the code for Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CPT 92548). The proceedings surrounding the development of values for codes are confidential; so I cannot discuss the results of these deliberations. In the process of researching this code…

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otoconia vertigo bppv

What Happens to the Otoconia (Rocks, Particles, Crystal, Otoliths) After the Epley Manuever?

Canalith Repositioning (CRP), more commonly referred to as the Epley maneuver, has become the “go to” treatment for the complaint of positional vertigo. I have been at this long enough to see the transition from skepticism that any condition could be quickly treated by lying down and rolling over in bed, to the current habit…

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