vestibular screen cochlear implant

Vestibular Screenings Prior to Cochlear Implantation: Cost vs. Benefit

This month’s post is by Amanda Davis. Amanda is a 3rd year audiology doctoral student at UNC Chapel Hill completing her vestibular clinical rotation with us. She has a particular interest in cochlear implants and a recent patient that we saw inspired her to write this.    There are several hypothesized reasons for postoperative vestibular…

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dizziness vertigo quality of life

The hidden cost of living with dizziness

Vestibular disorders are the most common cause of dizziness, accounting for around 45% of all dizziness, regardless of the clinical setting. Despite this, vestibular disorders have historically been poorly managed due to protocols that often miss or misdiagnose those with vestibular dysfunction. Not surprisingly, protocols in the emergency department are focused on identifying life threatening…

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