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A Non-Sedating Option for Vertigo and Nausea?

As I have reported here over the years, meclizine (Antivert) is a commonly prescribed medication for the treatment of vertigo. A recent survey reveals that meclizine is prescribed to 21.4% of elderly patients complaining of a “balance or dizziness problem.” Meclizine is an anti-cholinergic that reduces nausea from acute vestibular disorders as well as motion…

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meclizine for vertigo dizziness

My Favorite Post – Meclizine (Updated)

This is a mildly updated version of my most read post regarding the use of meclizine. It is only mildly updated because there is still very little new information available. Most patients complaining of dizziness or vertigo have been prescribed meclizine at some point. For a medication that is so widely used, there is very…

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