Amplifon Foundation’s ‘Ciao!’ Project Expands Beyond Italy, Boosts Elderly Social Inclusion in Portugal

November 10, 2023

LISBON & MILAN – The Amplifon Foundation, the non-profit arm of the Amplifon Group, has launched its “Ciao!” project in Portugal, marking the organization’s first venture beyond Italy. The initiative, already operational in 200 facilities in Italy, now extends to three nursing homes in the Lisbon area, aiming to foster social inclusion and entertainment for approximately 100 elderly residents.

“We are delighted to launch the Amplifon Foundation’s social inclusion projects also in Portugal. For just over three years, our Foundation has been developing initiatives to support people at risk of being left behind, with a particular focus on the elderly in their communities. The entry into Portugal is the first step in an internationalization process that aims to bring the Foundation’s social inclusion projects to other countries where the Amplifon group operates, in line with the innovative and global DNA of our company”

–Susan Carol Holland, President of the Amplifon Foundation

The ‘Ciao!’ project, launched in Italy in 2020 during the pandemic, addresses the prolonged isolation experienced by nursing home residents. The initiative equips facilities with a high-quality video-presence system to facilitate emotional connections with families and provide opportunities for entertainment and recreation. Maria Cristina Ferradini, Managing Director of the Amplifon Foundation, highlighted the success in Italy, involving around 20,000 seniors in just over three years.

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The project in Portugal involves the Amplifon Group’s volunteers and is open to all facilities willing to participate. Ferradini commented, “This initiative demonstrates how, through the combination of new technologies and creativity, we can create new opportunities for relationships and social inclusion for our elderly population, especially those in nursing homes.”

Established in 2020 on the 70th anniversary of the Amplifon Group, the Foundation focuses on enabling people, particularly the elderly at risk of marginalization, to reach their full potential in life. Amplifon, operating in Portugal for 23 years under the Minisom brand, has over 100 stores and nearly 400 employees in the country, with its headquarters located in the Lisbon area.


Source: Amplifon

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