MindfulTinnitusRelief.com Publishes Results of Peer-Reviewed Efficacy Study in American Journal of Audiology

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January 16, 2023

A new efficacy study concludes that an 8-week online Mindfulness Based Tinnitus Stress Reduction (i-MBTSR) program during the COVID-19 pandemic can significantly reduce tinnitus bother and long-term therapeutic results can be sustained post-treatment.

Study Highlights:

  • The average tinnitus severity rating pre-course was 59.96 (“severe tinnitus”), dropping to 44.16 (“moderate”) at mid-treatment and to 34.23 (“mild-moderate”) at course completion (as measured by the Tinnitus Functional Index).
  • Significant gains remained for those who completed the 6-month follow-up.
  • The online MindfulTinnitusRelief.com course can be an effective, affordable, easy access new treatment modality. A shorter 3-week course may be effective.

“We are delighted to announce the publication of such positive results from our i-MBTSR study,” commented Dr. Jennifer J. Gans, Founding CEO of MindfulTinnitusRelief.com. “In just 3 weeks there was a statistically and clinically significant reduction in tinnitus bother.”

“Bothersome tinnitus has been a real global problem with only variable management success. This 8-week course incorporates Weekly and Daily lessons designed to encourage its users to develop:

1. Expertise on what tinnitus is (and what it is not)

2. Experience less anxiety surrounding tinnitus

3. While developing a mindfulness meditation practice to relieve stress and promote brain health/balance

We look forward to sharing this study with tinnitus patients, researchers, and clinicians to encourage healing, further study, and tinnitus management success around the world.”

–Jennifer Gans, PsyD

The full publication can be accessed here:

Healing From Home: Examination of an Online Mindfulness-Based Tinnitus Stress Reduction Course During the 2020 COVID Pandemic




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