Regal Cinemas to Show New Film, NEVER GIVE UP, with Open Captioning in All Theaters

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August 23, 2023

ORLANDO, FLORIDA –  On August 27, ReelWorks Studios will team up with Regal Cinemas to make history, showing the feature-length film NEVER GIVE UP with open captioning across their entire chain.

NEVER GIVE UP shares the inspiring true story of Deaf World Champion Tennis great Brad Minns in one of the undisputed greatest tennis matches of all time and the biggest comebacks in sports history. NEVER GIVE UP opens wide in theaters September 1.

The movie highlights the extraordinary journey of Brad Minns, who overcame immense challenges to emerge victorious in a memorable Men’s Singles Tennis Finals match during the 1985 World Games for the Deaf. Battling for five hours, Minns staged an incredible comeback from match point in the third set to clinch the Gold medal in a decisive fifth set.

Director Rob Loos commented, “This tennis match transcends time, symbolizing not only Minns’ triumph on the court but also his resilience in facing life’s adversities head-on.”

Born with hearing loss and losing his hearing completely at the age of 3, Minns defied conventional expectations after his parents placed him within the mainstream education system. This support, combined with Minns’ unwavering faith, enabled him to excel academically, find his passion for sports, and attain success as a tennis champion and bodybuilder.

NEVER GIVE UP features both hearing and deaf actors, including Harrison Stone (GREEN BOOK, YOUNG ROCK), Erin Bethea (FIREPROOF, REDEMPTION OF HENRY MYERS), Drew Waters (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, TRUE DETECTIVE), Nicolle Ashley (LAST AMERICAN HORROR SHOW, VOL. II), and features a special appearance by tennis great Stan Smith.  The film was written and directed by Rob Loos (McGEE AND ME!, IESODO), and produced by Rick Eldridge (THE ULTIMATE GIFT, THE MULLIGAN).

“We are honored to partner with Regal Cinemas to bring NEVER GIVE UP a powerful story of perseverance and overcoming to the big screen for both the deaf and the hearing community to experience. What better way to celebrate inclusion and support the hearing-impaired community than to invite them to the theater for National Cinema Day? Not only can they enjoy discounted tickets, but enjoy a full theatrical experience with open captioning.”

–Rick Eldridge, Founder of ReelWorks Studios

Minns himself reflected on his experiences, sharing, “My parents always believed that my hearing loss was not the end,. I hope that, in sharing my story, those who have struggled with any sort of limitation will find hope and be encouraged to go after their dreams.”

The film is slated for release in select theaters on September 1, 2023.


Source: ReelWorks Studios, Regal Cinemas

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