North Carolina Audiologist Provides Free Hearing Aids to Patient in Need Through Widex Community Giveback Day Program

June 28, 2024

CLAYTON, NORTH CAROLINA — Dr. Melissa Palmer, a practicing audiologist for nearly 30 years and owner of Clayton Audiology in Clayton, North Carolina, has long been dedicated to improving the lives of her patients through better hearing health. Her passion for community service and long-standing relationship with Widex motivated her participation in the Widex Community Giveback Day program, which donates hearing aids to those who cannot afford them.

Dr. Palmer’s journey in audiology began in high school with a course on American Sign Language, sparking a lifelong commitment to helping individuals with hearing loss. At Clayton Audiology, she and her team strive to provide the best possible patient experiences, treating each patient like family.

On February 26th, Dr. Palmer participated in the first Widex Community Giveback Day, organized by hearing tech pioneer Widex. The program empowers hearing care professionals to provide a free pair of Widex hearing aids to a community member in need. The recipient, 71-year-old Gerald Hardee, had previously received a single Widex hearing aid through government assistance but still experienced suboptimal hearing. With the new devices, Hardee reports a significant improvement in his ability to hear in various aspects of life.

“I’ve unfortunately seen so many patients with one hearing aid, when they really could benefit from two. Gerald was one such case and his hearing aids were also getting older, so Widex provided us with a great chance to help him get equipped with the latest in hearing technology and performance.” 

Dr. Palmer has been fitting Widex hearing aids since the mid-1990s and values the range of styles and the high sound quality they offer. Her participation in the Widex “Partners in Excellence for You” program provides her with tools and resources to enhance her practice and community impact.

Dr. Palmer has a history of service, having participated in mission work providing free hearing aid testing and fittings in Nicaragua from 2012 to 2019. The Widex Community Giveback Day allowed her to bring this mission closer to home, benefiting her local community.

Clayton Audiology will continue to provide follow-up appointments for Hardee and encourages other hearing care professionals to participate in future Widex Community Giveback Days. Dr. Palmer emphasizes the importance of giving back and the ease of participating in the program.

For more information on Widex, click here. For more information on Clayton Audiology, click here.


About Widex

Widex aims to eliminate communication barriers and enable people to interact freely and confidently. With sixty years of experience developing state-of-the-art technology, Widex offers hearing solutions that are easy to use and seamlessly integrated into daily life. As one of the world’s leading hearing aid producers, Widex products are sold in more than one hundred countries, and the company employs 4,000 people worldwide.

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