Mimi Hearing Test

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Mimi Hearing Test application is a digital screening tool for hearing abilities. The user-friendly test is easy to run and easy to access in case you are curious about your hearing health. Users are guided through the test and can perform it in the comfort of their own homes. It takes just a few minutes, and can be done on a smartphone or tablet.

The test allows a remote hearing screening and provides the users with individualized results about their hearing to sensitize the user for possible hearing problems or to offer educational material.

Mimi’s testing technology measures different aspects of hearing ability. Alongside the standard audiological Pure Tone Threshold (PTT) test, Mimi has developed a groundbreaking Masked Threshold (MT) suprathreshold test based on Mimi’s research into audio masking.

Mimi has been pioneering hearing test technology for some time. In Europe our iOS and Android hearing test apps are certified as medical devices (CE, class 1) and globally they are the most-used mobile hearing test, with over 1.5 million downloads from 180 countries.

Mimi also continues to innovate within the hearing testing field, from designing new & intuitive test interfaces, to developing ground-breaking tests that probe how people hear in a real-world setting, beyond standard measures. All of this is undertaken with the ambition of building the most comprehensive hearing testing suite available.

Thanks to its hearing test apps Mimi has created the world’s largest database of digital hearing profiles and is able to undertake extensive modelling on human hearing data from around the globe, providing fascinating insights into how the world hears by region and demographic.

More details at https://www.mimi.io/