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The MOMENT App gives WIDEX MOMENT hearing aid wearers the option to fully control their hearing aids using an app on their iPhone or Android. With the app, users navigate the slick interface to fine-tune their hearing, so they get exactly the sound they prefer in the moments that are most important to them. Smart development and testing make for an easy, intuitive user experience. The dark mode appearance ensures discreet use.

With the MOMENT App, users can adjust the volume, bass, middle and treble of their hearing aids, customize their listening intent, receive optimized sound recommendations, stream directly to their hearing aids and more, all from the convenience of their smartphone. The app also helps users get the most out of their hearing aids by providing step-by-step instructions, videos, and short courses.

The MOMENT App is home to all the powerful AI personalization and customization Widex offers. It features My Sound, a portfolio of AI features including a new solution that instantly enables intelligent customization of the company’s cutting-edge Widex MOMENT hearing aids.

This latest generation of AI utilizes the cloud-based user data of Widex users worldwide to make sound profile recommendations based on an individual user’s current activity and listening intent. Users launch My Sound from the app and begin by selecting their activity, such as dining, then choosing their intent, such as socializing, conversation, or enjoying music.

Based on the user’s selections, Widex can draw on tens of thousands of real-life data points, reflecting the preferences and listening situations of other Widex users who have used the app previously. In seconds, the user is presented with two recommendations, which can both be listened to before selecting the settings that sound best. In the event neither recommendation meets the individual user’s needs, they can launch SoundSense Learn from the same screen to further personalize their hearing experience through that solution’s sophisticated A/B testing process.

This new feature is important not only because it makes hearing aids smarter and more customized, but it puts control and personalization into the wearer’s hands long after they’ve been professionally fitted. It continues optimizing the hearing experience based on activity and intention for each individual by utilizing the experiences of many.

Furthermore, the MOMENT app allows for easy customization of specific audio settings. This section is divided into two parts: Volume and Equalizer. In the former, users can simply adjust the volume for each ear. In the Equalizer tab, there are options to up the bass, mids and high frequencies. There are also convenient shortcuts at the bottom for speech, clarity and echo reduction, or users can manually tweak the sliders to their preference.

The MOMENT App also features My Guide, a unique new feature designed to help users get the most out of their hearing aids. My Guide provides an exceptional range of videos, courses and troubleshooting support that will help users with everything from turning their hearing aids on to personalizing their sound. My Guide enables users to fully experience the natural sound of a Widex hearing aid.

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