childhood hearing loss

Unilateral Hearing Loss

Until the last 15 or 20 years there has been a significant change in the way unilateral hearing loss has been viewed. Until recently audiologists and ENT’s assumed that a unilateral hearing loss (UHL) did not cause any language or learning problems. We now know that unilateral hearing loss causes significant problems. Cheryl Deconde Johnson…

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Listening Fatigue for Children with Hearing Loss (CHL)

Today’s blog is written by Hilary Davis, AuD; Ben Hornsby, PhD, Stephen Camarata, PhD, and Fred Bess, PhD from Vanderbilt University. This is an important topic and they are doing wonderful research in this area.   What is fatigue? Fatigue is something most everyone has experienced. Despite its omnipresence, fatigue can be difficult to define…

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