Auditory Deprivation and Hearing Loss

There was an interesting article in the January 2017 issue of Hearing Review in which Doug Beck interviews Anu Sharma about her work on auditory deprivation. Anu has done extraordinary work on this topic. We have know for a long time, from the work of Anu Sharma and others that significant hearing loss causes changes…

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mild hearing loss

What Is Mild About Mild Hearing Loss?

  What is a mild hearing loss?  Normal hearing for children is 0-15 dBHL. Minimal hearing loss (MHL) is 15-25 dB HL. Mild hearing loss is 24-40 dB, It doesn’t sound like a big difference but it is. 1/1000 newborns have mild hearing loss (although newborn hearing screening often misses mild hearing loss.) At school…

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