hearing noise in classroom

Teaching Children about Sound

Today’s blog is written by Dr. Arline L. Bronzaf. Dr. Bronzaft  is a researcher, writer and consultant on the adverse effects of noise on mental and physical health.  She is the co-author of Why Noise Matters and has written about noise in books, academic journals, encyclopedias and the popular press.  Dr. Bronzaft is a Professor…

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mild hearing loss

What Is Mild About Mild Hearing Loss?

  What is a mild hearing loss?  Normal hearing for children is 0-15 dBHL. Minimal hearing loss (MHL) is 15-25 dB HL. Mild hearing loss is 24-40 dB, It doesn’t sound like a big difference but it is. 1/1000 newborns have mild hearing loss (although newborn hearing screening often misses mild hearing loss.) At school…

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