Holly’s House of Audiology Feng Shui: Open After Remodeling

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My feng sui is restored, thanks to the most unlikely of sources…. My state government!  At the end of 2010, I wrote about extreme discomfort brought about by the continuing education process in my State for dispensing audiologists, which required the craft skills of a kindergarten aide and not much else.  The worst part, however, was the discovery that my State would grant me another year of licensure if I colored within the lines, but they would do so only if I sent certified funds.  In other words, they would not accept my personal or business checks. News of this type is very bad for audiology practices’ feng shui.

Time passed, I saw patients, my feng shui started creeping back into place, but eventually I noticed that I had not received approval from my State to continue my (apparently illegal) audiology ways. I couldn’t sleep — all that cutting and pasting and I remained illegal, or at least in limbo.  I called my State, they said my license renewal was in the mail (sort of like a check), and eventually my license arrived.  My feng shui started feeling pretty good!

  But, imagine my surprise a month later when I received yet another letter from my State AND a check! Feng shui heaven, for sure. The letter went like this: 

“Dear Holly L. Hosford Dunn:

The ____ Department of Health Services, Office of Special Licensing received your check #____, dated December 28, 2010 in the amount of $____.

Pursuant to (State Law #___) “If an agency does not issue to an applicant the written notice granting or denying a license within the overall time frame … the agency shall refund to the applicant all fees charged for reviewing and acting on the application for the license….”

Because the Department did not comply with the overall time frame, please find the enclosed refund…”

Wow – this is just unheard of! My State not only didn’t do its part, but it noticed it didn’t, and then it complied with its own regulation to refund the money.   Holy Cow.

 Now, I’m wondering…. should I accept my State’s check or should I reply back with a request for certified funds? I mean, if my check wasn’t good enough or them, why should theirs’ be good enough for me?  Or, should I just cash the check and buy some shoes or something to decorate my feng shui?

About Holly Hosford-Dunn

Holly Hosford-Dunn, PhD, graduated with a BA and MA in Communication Disorders from New Mexico State, completed a PhD in Hearing Sciences at Stanford, and did post-docs at Max Planck Institute (Germany) and Eaton-Peabody Auditory Physiology Lab (Boston). Post-education, she directed the Stanford University Audiology Clinic; developed multi-office private practices in Arizona; authored/edited numerous text books, chapters, journals, and articles; and taught Marketing, Practice Management, Hearing Science, Auditory Electrophysiology, and Amplification in a variety of academic settings.


  1. Like you had problems. I have not received my DA license from the State yet even though I did comply with their requirements. My hospital staff department and Pinal LTC and one other of my insurance providers will not accept any of my claims until I provide them with a copy of my license. Despite e-mails and phone calls (not returned) I have yet to receive the certificate that allows me to function in my profession. Got any suggestions?

    1. Hi John, I had that problem the year before and it caused great consternation in completely unanticipated ways. It is the reason I submitted everything Dec 31, 2010, including several licenses for our practice that were due to expire till end of Feb and March. In that way, despite the State’s delays, the practice was able (except for one cert) to keep functioning. Interestingly, the $100 windfall from the State came because of the early submission, which clearly took them off guard. What a way to run a business, huh?!

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